Friday, January 8, 2010

Bakti Alam Farm Tour - Tutur - Pasuruan - East Java

On Tutur Village there is fields for almost 490,23 ga, which is used for food plantation around 148,4 ha (30,27%) field plantation for around 323,53 ha (67%) and cattle field plantation around 13,3 ha (2,7%)

The food plantations are include of : corn, sweet potato, chilly, potato, Chrysant flower, avocado, salacca, apple, durian, banana, and Kelengkeng. Some of seasonal plantation like corn, sweet potato, chilly, and potato are produce when rainy time. For field plantation which is grow is coffee and cinnamon. For cattle field plantation is Grass for cattle.
Some cattle on Tutur village are cow, chicken, duck, and goat.

about nongkojajar

Nongkojajar in the area Pasuruan East Java in elevation 700 meters above sea level. Mountainous topography and the ground is very fertile. Nongkojajar an apple producing centers, durian, vegetables DSCN5111 vegetables, milk and many others. Other Potential owned by Nongkojajar the tour need to be developed with the ocean. Some have already paved the form of agro-tourism attractions such as agro apples, flowers, and durian.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bakti Alam Farm Desa Ngembal Kec. Tutur - Nongkojajar

Farm Nature Bakti located at Desa tutur Ngembal District is one of the resorts are based on fruit tour with occupying 50 ha and consists of 40 types of fruit and fruit each consisting of approximately 15 pieces including: Fruit Durian (Montong , pickpocket, Kancil, local), Klenkeng pingpong, mango, dragon fruit, golden melon, watermelon, oranges, etc., and also is equipped with a dairy farm and pengepakannya, there are also guest House / cottage and play areas children and the camping ground into Natural Charity Farm as a center of tourism as well as the fruits of learning center for visitors to be able to learn to recognize the kinds of fruit that is because not only is the local fruit fruit from abroad also semiasal apukat of State of Nongkojajar only Israel.Lokasi is about 13 km and can travel within 15 minutes, or reply from the Purwosari could turn into the Village continues to twist Ngembal Village will become more closely supported by much less in a pretty good road trip made us all feel more game .please visite.

Nongkojajar Tourism Information Center

NTIC or better known as "Nongkojajar Tourism Information Center" was established on 22 April 2009 on the input from MR. Jetse Boss of PUM Netherlands in particular brought by the ILO (International Labor Organization) to provide input about the potential that exists in the district, especially the existing tutur Wonosari Village or the name is bekennya Nongkojajar.Mr. Boss Jetse Nongkojajar lived in for about 22 hari.Dan during the tour we invite him Nongkojajar and surrounding areas ranging from seeing

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bromo Sunrise view from Pananjakan

Regular visitors visiting this area since the early days with the aim of seeing the rising sun. To see it, you have to climb Mount Pananjakan which is the highest mountain in the region. Field to go through to get to Mount Pananjakan a heavy field. To get to the foot of Mount Pananjakan, you have to go through a desert-like area that can make you get lost. We had to climb Mount Pananjakan, narrow streets and lots of tight curves necessarily require a high driving skills. For that, many visitors who choose to rent a car hardtop (jeep type) driven by the community around. Communities around the Tengger tribe comes from a friendly with the visitors.

Nongkojajar Bromo International

This National Park is one of the most beautiful places of interest in East Java. The beauties of mountain covered, give a special and characteristic green plants, arousing great interest. Tenggerese traditional farming also makes this famous place being more interesting and attractive. In addition, cool and breezy wind always blows freshly giving ever visitor special deep impression a unforgettable memories.
The accessibility has no problem and very reachable (via Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo or Lumajang).